Issue 04

Septuagesima 2021

Our fourth issue includes C.J. Ciaramella on civil asset forfeiture, J. D. Flynn
on backyards, Massimo Faggioli on being a cop, Brandon McGinley on a Pennsylvania bar, John Milbank on America, Sam Kriss on Bill O’Reilly, Marlo Safi on Syrian cooking, Peter Hitchens on Boomers, Patrick Smith on Booth Tarkington, Lydia Sherwood on Katie Hill, and Aaron James on David Willcocks.

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Issue 03

Christ the King 2020

Our third issue includes Luna Simms’s reflections on moonshine vodka, Angela Nagle on the family, Peter Tonguette on Henry Green, plus contributions from Andrew Kuiper, Clare Coffey, Chris Arnade, Philip Jeffrey, Mary Kate Skehan, and others.

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Issue 02

Assumption 2020

Our second issue includes Michael Hamill’s reflections on nuptials during the pandemic, David Bentley Hart on mermaids, Edmund Waldstein on the New Nationalism, Minoo Dinshaw on Saint Louis IX, Harrison Lemke on Dragon Warrior and God, plus contributions from John Paul Maynard Keynes, Nic Rowan, Colin Redemer, John Wilson, Eve Tushnet, Joey Belleza, and Sister Carino Hodder.

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Issue 01

Easter 2020

Our debut issue includes J.D. Vance’s memoir of his reception into the Church, Brandon McGinley’s profile of a Pittsburgh ex-con, Urban Hannon’s inducement to radicalization, Patrick Smith’s history of a Hoosier parish, Monica Costa’s reassessment of Andrea Dworkin, and R.J. Stove’s review of Cole Porter’s letters, plus contributions from Eve Tushnet, Peter Hitchens, Michael Hamill, B.D. McClay, and Susannah Black.

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