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24 October 2019

A great power

Howdy. There are nine orders of angels, by the lights of Dante and St. Thomas, divided into three spheres: the…

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17 October 2019

Flight for heaven

Hello. We had quite a nice response to last week’s poll. Most of you think the favored beverage of Pope…

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13 October 2019

Rob the relick

Hello. This is the first Saturday saints newsletter. As it happens you have caught me in Rome, where I will…

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10 October 2019

Fly back to swing

Hello. This week we have something new for you: a one-question quiz. The rest of this newsletter will be, as…

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5 October 2019

An angel has no nose

Hello. Magazine news this week: Copy continues to roll in for the first and second issues. The first few edited…

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28 September 2019

His accomplish’d hoard

Hello. Nothing new on the magazine front. This last week was mostly about paperwork. As always, feel free to send…

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21 September 2019

Friendless bodies

Hello. We have received a number of inquiries from readers wondering whether we intend to publish poetry or short fiction….

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14 September 2019

A fool to drop my lily

Hello. No real magazine updates this week, but copy is starting to roll in for issue one. As always, feel…

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