Issue 07

Saint Rose 2021

Our seventh issue includes Patrick Smith on Paul VI, Sister Carino Hodder on freedom, Tomás Díaz on disability and strength, Sam Kriss on Jerusalem, Peter Hitchens on Chips Channon, as well as contributions from Matthew Roth, C. J. Ciaramella, Maclin Horton, Addison Del Mastro, Eve Tushnet, Lydia Sherwood, Nic Rowan, Aaron James, Jane Scharl, and B.D. McClay.

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Issue 06

Corpus Christi 2021

Our sixth issue includes Giorgio Agamben on medical religion, Josh Craddock on the Fourteenth Amendment, Sam Kriss on screens, Edmund Waldstein on Pope Benedict XVI, and Jaspreet Singh Boparai on Joseph de Maistre, plus contributions from Jamie McGowan, Brett Kostrzewski, Nic Rowan, Michael Brendan Dougherty, Jake Neu, Adriana Watkins, John Wilson, and others.

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Issue 05

Saint Anselm 2021

Our fifth issue includes Brandon McGinley and Scott Hahn on liberalism and Catholicism, Helen Andrews on Dr. Fauci, and Fr. Aidan Nichols on Herbert McCabe, with contributions from Alberto Miguel Fernandez, Emma Mutch, Sam Leith, John Wilson, Matthew C. Briel, and others.

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Issue 04

Septuagesima 2021

Our fourth issue includes C.J. Ciaramella on civil asset forfeiture, J. D. Flynn
on backyards, Massimo Faggioli on being a cop, Brandon McGinley on a Pennsylvania bar, John Milbank on America, Sam Kriss on Bill O’Reilly, Marlo Safi on Syrian cooking, Peter Hitchens on Boomers, Patrick Smith on Booth Tarkington, Lydia Sherwood on Katie Hill, and Aaron James on David Willcocks.

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