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Issue 03 – Christ the King 2020



One-line description.



After I realized Applebee’s is a dive bar that is everywhere, I spent many nights on the road there. The other nights I spent in McDonald’s writing up notes, talking to whoever came in, especially those who lingered like me.

In both places I ended up having long talks about sports, especially with men. It didn’t matter that I was clearly an outsider, in terms of race, income, and whatever else we classify each other by. The conversations in McDonald’s happened naturally; in Applebee’s the large televisions surrounding us and the banter with the bartenders jelled the talk around sports. What in particular we talked about, the N.F.L., N.B.A., N.H.L., U.F.C., or N.C.A.A., changed from place to place, but little else did.

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