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Issue 03 – Christ the King 2020

Arts and Letters

Look Away, Dixie-Land

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The Chicks Gaslighter Columbia Records, $11.98 (CD)

I’m pretty sure the Dixie Chicks were my first concert. It was at the Houston Rodeo, and I distinctly remember loving it, but also being extremely scandalized when Natalie Maines tripped on one of her lyrics in the second verse of “Goodbye Earl” — a mistake my eleven-year-old self assured my father that I never would have made. My second Dixie Chicks concert was in Nashville sometime during high school (my car had an “Earl’s in the Trunk” license-plate frame, so as you can tell, by then I was one of the cool kids). I went with my sister and two of my cousins, refused to sit down once during the show, and sang along to every word. There was an old guy behind us — drunk off his ass from before the opening band had started their set — who was totally entertained by the four of us, and all night he kept telling my sister, in reference to me, that she had to “Sign him up! Woo! Sign him up!”

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Urban Hannon

Urban Hannon’s writing has appeared in First Things, Ethika Politika, and other publications. He currently studies theology in Rome.