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Issue 04 – Septuagesima 2021

Brass Rubbings


A visit to the memorial of Amakusa Shirou.


Standing atop a high hill in Amakusa in Kumamoto Prefecture is a towering edifice of bizarre design. Its façade is immediately identifiable as quasi-religious, but it follows no identifiable school of architecture and boasts rounded windows, a glass front-facing wall, and a pastel color scheme. Its domed roof and curved protruding sides give the middle of the structure the look of a U.F.O.

Within the main building’s orbit is an immaculately clean bathroom facility, a small stand selling soft-serve ice cream, and a photo stand-in of a cheerful samurai wearing a red cape and a European-style Victorian neck ruffle. Guests can poke their faces through the board and have their picture taken. The samurai salutes in welcome, a small sword hilted to his waist and a gold rosary dangling from his neck.

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Timothy Nerozzi

Timothy Nerozzi is a reporter for Fox News. He was previously a news editor at the Washington Examiner.