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Issue 07 – Saint Rose 2021


What the Culture War Really Is

On the Sixties.


What happened in the 1960s? More than half a century on, the answer to that question remains elusive, disputed, and significant. It is significant because the latter part of that decade, what we generally mean when we refer to “the Sixties,” was the beginning of what we now call the culture war, which continues to tear the country apart in spite of the many periodic declarations that it is over.

Why did so many young Americans then, and why have so many more since, become so alienated from the nation which provided them with such astonishing affluence while asking comparatively little of them? The answer surely begins with the affluence itself.

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About the author

Maclin Horton

Maclin Horton is the author of Sunday Light, a collection of essays. For many years he has maintained a blog at He writes monthly for the website of The Lamp.