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Issue 08 – Christmas 2021

Christmas Ghost Story

Be Patient

The winner of the Christmas ghost story competition.


Holly woke up to frost on her windows. She turned her face into her pillow and muffled her screams. This was the third time in two weeks she had woken up damp with sweat, her pulse racing. Sleep was rejuvenating for most people, a time to reset and let her feelings unwind. Holly could not remember the last time she crawled into her dorm apartment bed with unclenched fists or without a million weighted thoughts. 

Holly had one more semester to go before graduation in the spring. One more semester before the end. What career would she choose, where would she live, what should she eat for dinner? Decisions had to be made, which only made her avoid them more. She had taken to walking around the campus at all hours, attempting to slow down the blood filling her ears and flushing her cheekbones. She was grateful for the chilly air during Christmas break. She preferred the sting of frostbite under her fingernails to the numbing pain that had made its home in every knuckle. 

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About the author

Ree Brannigan

Ree Brannigan is the winner of The Lamp’s Christmas ghost story competition