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Issue 09 – Lent 2022



Thoughts, musings, odds and ends.


❖ Just as this issue was being prepared for the printer, a friend passed along a comment from a writer for whom we have a great deal of respect. The author, whom we will not name, accused us of “making lemonade of [Pope] Francis’s lemons” (e.g., by daring to quote the only papal encyclical ever inspired by the writings of Martin Heidegger) and of “giving him the benefit of the doubt.” Furthermore, we were found guilty of being “effete” and of wanting to “sip tea and nibble on crumpets” during a doctrinal and liturgical crisis. In a word, he called us dilettantes.

We would not bother passing this along—all magazines get their share of hate mail, and this did not even rise to that level of enmity—if it were not for the fact that one reader felt we had been publishing too much of the sort of thing that the previous correspondent had found sorely lacking in these pages: “Get over the motu proprio,” one reader complained in the free-for-all section of our email newsletter. “You are just proving why Francis had to do T.C.,” said another.

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