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Issue 11 – Trinity 2022

The Jungle

The Double Forking

On ambulances.


The call came in over the radio as a double stabbing. Big Eddy and I were in the back of the Saint Michael’s ambulance, scarfing down a gooey sausage and mushroom pizza in anticipation of such an event. Any time you got hot food in the rig, it was guaranteed that as it approached your lips you’d get a call. The pizza would be stone cold by the time we saw it again. 

“Ten-four base, we are seventy-six,” said Gary “Dauntless” Dauntly, ninteen, from the driver’s seat. There was a click clack as he hit some switches and red lights whirled on the six-foot deep snow piled on either side of the street outside. The siren wailed from the front as Big Eddy, aged twenty, threw himself on top of the hastily closed pizza box on the stretcher, to keep it from flying to the rear of the rig. 

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Chris Treece