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Issue 12 – Assumption 2022



Odds and ends from the staff of the Lamp.


✥ This issue of The Lamp celebrates Our Lady’s Assumption into Heaven, one of the more dramatic Marian feasts. We share Newman’s reflection on why, having been lifted to her Heavenly throne, Mary is most fittingly called the Morning Star:

What is the nearest approach in the way of symbols, in this world of sight and sense, to represent to us the glories of that higher world which is beyond our bodily perceptions? What are the truest tokens and promises here, poor though they may be, of what one day we hope to see hereafter, as being beautiful and rare? Whatever they may be, surely the Blessed Mother of God may claim them as her own. And so it is; two of them are ascribed to her as her titles, in her Litany—the stars above, and flowers below. She is at once the Rosa Mystica and the Stella Matutina.

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