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Issue 12 – Assumption 2022


On Hell

A symposium.


Eternal punishment is a daunting subject, and at The Lamp it often creeps into our minds. And, we imagine, into the minds of most other people as well, at least in some form. But while Hell may be perplexing, it is almost always intriguing. Even those who do not believe in God or Heaven often find it possible to believe in Hell. So we asked a wide variety of public figures simply to explain what the concept means to them. We were surprised at the number of responses we received, and we’ve printed many of them below. They include submissions from a bishop, one of the architects of the Iraq War, the host of the top-rated cable news show, a communist podcaster, writers, professors, monks, and many others. While they vary in tone and temper, taken as a whole, they shine light on the ways in which we think about what is without a doubt the most dreaded outcome of a life poorly lived.

Edmund Waldstein

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About the author

Edmund Waldstein

Edmund Waldstein, O. Cist., is a monk of Stift Heiligenkreuz.