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Issue 12 – Assumption 2022

The Publisher's Desk

The Publisher's Desk

On fire.


The best part about camping as a child is the chance to play with fire. You may not be allowed to build it yourself, you may not be allowed near it, but even the vicarious experience of watching someone else a few feet away bring light and heat out of twigs and straw is worth the reheated food and the night in a cold tent. (For Robert Wyllie’s thoughts on the tragic side of childhood fires, see page 25.)

Fire appears many times in the Bible; it is an angel with a flaming sword “which turned every way” that guarded Eden and the tree of life after Adam and Eve were banished from it. The apostles at Pentecost were marked with “cloven tongues like as of fire.” The Lord guided Gideon to victory over the Midianites without any bloodshed by frightening them with torches and loud horns. (For Jonathan Culbreath’s meditation on holy fear, see page 36.)

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