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Issue 13 – Christ the King 2022

The Publisher's Desk

The Publisher's Desk

On clothes.


When the great Jeffrey Bernard of blessed memory found himself unable to file his weekly “Low Life” column for the Spectator, the editors would insert a notice informing readers that he was “unwell.” While Bernard’s health was appallingly bad, these notices were often a euphemism for “hungover.” (For a fine treatment of Robert Lowell, another writer who struggled with drink, see Micah Mattix on page 53.)

I mention this by way of explaining why I, the editor, am handling this column for the second time in as many years. To be clear: our publisher is not in the sauce. His wife has just given birth to their second child—a girl and, I am proud to say, my fourth goddaughter. When William asked me to fill in for him, he requested that I write about clothes, a subject about which he knows a great deal more than I do.

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About the author

Matthew Walther

Matthew Walther is editor of The Lamp.