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Issue 14 – Christmas 2022

The Publisher's Desk

The Publisher's Desk

On children.


A newborn baby can fall asleep in almost any environment and with no notice. As they grow older and their brains develop, they consolidate their naps into longer stretches of sleep, they begin to need routines to help them get to sleep, and eventually they become like the rest of us, sleeping only with proper preparation, in the right conditions, at the appointed times, and with no interruptions.

Most things in adult life, however, thankfully become easier and more natural the longer we do them. There are exceptions of course: past a certain point, our bodies no longer “bounce back” from injuries and increasing amounts of exercise must be performed in order to “maintain” a physical standard of living we once took for granted. (For Robert Wyllie’s piece on health fanaticism, see page 24.)

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