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Issue 15 – Lent 2023

Arts and Letters

A Raga is a Raga

Finding The Raga: An Improvisation On Indian Music

Amit Chaudhuri

New York Review Books, pp. 272, $17.95


Years ago I was watching Late Review, a BBC arts show, when the presenter announced that week’s musical guest as Amit Chaudhuri. Double take. Was this the same Amit Chaudhuri who wrote the delightful Oxford novel Afternoon Raag? Adding another string to this bow? What next? Kazuo Ishiguro doing Dylan covers? Ian McEwan Morris dancing?

Chaudhuri passed the audition. His mesmerizing performance (with guitarist Adam Moore) of The Chiffons’ hit “One Fine Day” had his audience, the usual chattering class freeloaders itching to get away to the open bar, genuinely clapping and cheering at the end. A born musician, who makes you forget the years of training and study, ars est celare artem.

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About the author

George Rafael

George Rafael, an arts journalist, writes for Cineaste, the First Post, and the London Magazine.