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Jaspreet Singh Boparai

Jaspreet Singh Boparai is a former academic. 

On the Marble Cliffs

Ernst Jünger
trans. Tess Lewis, New York Review Books, pp. 144, $14.95

Approaches: Drugs and Altered States

Ernst Jünger
trans. Thomas Friese, ed. Russell A. Berman, Telos, pp. 406, $29.95

After Impressionism: Inventing Modern Art

The National Gallery
March 25–August 13, 2023


Tate Modern
October 5, 2022–March 12, 2023

On Alessandro Manzoni.

On Goya and Hogarth.

The Anatomy of Melancholy by Robert Burton

The Cypresses Believe in God, Vol. 1 & 2

St. Petersburg Dialogues: Or Conversations on the Temporal Government of Providence, by Joseph de Maistre, edited and translated by Richard A. Lebrun