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Issue 04 – Septuagesima 2021


Separation of Powers

Two views of the United States.


Obviously, the United States is a dreadful place. Much of it, as William Cobbett noted to his dismay, swelters half the year under a humidity so extreme that most of life has to be lived indoors. When one does venture out, there is really nowhere to go, since what legacy there was has been mainly burnt to the ground by war or accident. Those wooden constructions don’t survive long and don’t enjoy the sacral protection of Norwegian stave churches.

There is always the countryside, except that there isn’t, because, astoundingly, most of the vast original forest cover has been cut down to erect all the flimsy timber houses. The second-generation spindly trees do not invite one either to exploration or basking, like ancient oaks or beeches.

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John Milbank