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The Lamplighters
Episode 9

The Eternity of Hell Torments Considered

On Hell.

Other Podcast Episodes

Episode 15 /

The Great Fast

Timothy Nerozzi and Jeremy Christiansen join our hosts to discuss fasting, abstinence, and other Lenten practices.

Episode 14 /

Thank Them Now

Steven Knepper and Timothy McLeod join our hosts to discuss cycling and mentorship.

Episode 13 /

Benedict's Legacy

Father Jon Tveit joins the Lamplighters to discuss Pope Benedict XVI's life and legacy.

Episode 12 /

Mama Shot the Deer!

Ryan T. Anderson and Anna Anderson discuss farming and raising children around animals. 

Episode 11 /

Powers and Dominions

On fantasy television.

Episode 10 /

Goodnight Dr Pepper Hat

On children's literature.