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Issue 03 – Christ the King 2020


Fixing York

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Fixing York

I returned to my hometown of York, Pennsylvania, months ago, at the onset of the COVID crisis, but in truth my heart never left. No matter how long I lived in New York City, I started most days in my midtown Manhattan office by logging on to “Fixing York PA,” to check on the latest back home.

Fixing York is my city’s Facebook group, and surely the most active and chaotic corner of the entire Internet. As of this writing, it has twenty-one thousand fifty-nine members who engage with the forum hundreds of times daily. The frenetic activity here spans the crushingly banal and the immediately urgent, the purely observational and the deeply personal. Where else can you disappear into a hundred-comment thread, fueled by obscure intra-township prejudices and possibly blood feuds, that began with some guy in Strinestown asking whether anyone has seen his keys? Forums like this exist in towns and cities across the country, but I’m here to tell you about mine.

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About the author

Mary Kate Skehan

Mary Kate Skehan is a contributor to the Spectator and other publications.