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Issue 08 – Christmas 2021


Fiber-Optic Solutions

On the complexity of a simple mayor.


Well, I finally met the mayor. 

I was minding my own business, drinking a beer and reading a magazine at the bar on the ground floor of my apartment building  on a hot bright evening in early summer, when a middle-aged man with a German shepherd asked whether he could join me. Openly sitting alone, like bicycle commuting, riding mass transit, and crying in public, is one of those little luxuries I often enjoyed when I lived in New York City. They are all frowned upon here. But since I happened to be reading an article in the former Atlantic Monthly about the public-health scourge of thirty-something white women drinking alone, I agreed. I’d already paid my bill, anyway. 

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About the author

Mary Kate Skehan

Mary Kate Skehan is a contributor to the Spectator and other publications.

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