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Issue 04 – Septuagesima 2021


New Title, Same Boss

Remembering my grandfather's extraordinary life.


In 1956, my grandfather had just gotten out of the Army. He was living with his family in South Boston and he wanted to get married—he’d met a girl at Boston College, they’d written letters while he was at Fort Hood, but he couldn’t marry her without a job. Union Carbide had an office in Boston and his first-round interview went well, so they put him on a train to corporate headquarters in New York.

He interviewed alongside a number of engineers, but my grandfather wasn’t an engineer. He was a natural businessman, with a quick wit and a wily grin, a knack for seeing an opportunity and the tenacity to realize it. He wasn’t leaving New York without an offer. He convinced the brass to put him up in the Sheraton in Flatiron so he could meet his otherwise engaged would-be boss the next morning.

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Mary Kate Skehan

Mary Kate Skehan is a contributor to the Spectator and other publications.

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