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One-line description.

One-line description.


Brass Rubbings

by Timothy Nerozzi
A visit to the memorial of Amakusa Shirou.
The Jungle

by C. J. Ciaramella
Civil asset forfeiture up close.
Historia Ecclesiastica

by Carino Hodder
A meditation on the family.

by Maya Sinha
On Goofus Catholicism.


by J. D. Flynn
An unexpected trip to meet new neighbors.

by Massimo Faggioli
Life on the beat in 1990s Italy.

by Brandon McGinley
The life and times of a Pennsylvania bar.

by John Milbank
Two views of the United States.

by Mary Kate Skehan
Remembering my grandfather's extraordinary life.

Arts and Letters

by Sam Kriss
Killing Lincoln; Killing Kennedy; Killing Jesus; Killing Patton; Killing Reagan; Killing England; Killing the Rising Sun; Killing the S.S.; Killing Crazy Horse, By Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard

by Marlo Safi
Sitto’s Kitchen: A Treasury of Syrian Family Recipes Taught from Mother to Daughter for Over 100 Years, By Jance Jweid Reed

by Peter Tonguette
The Mystery of Charles Dickens, By A.N. Wilson

by Peter Hitchens
Boomers: The Men and Women Who Promised Freedom and Delivered Disaster, By Helen Andrews

by Patrick Smith
Novels and Stories: The Magnificent Ambersons / Alice Adams / In the Arena: Stories of Political Life, By Booth Tarkington

by Lydia Sherwood
She Will Rise: Becoming a Warrior in the Battle for True Equality, By Katie Hill


by Aaron James
Recollecting the composer's

Nunc Dimittis

by Matthew Walther
On high windows